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Jean-Michel Cousteau Diving, located at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort - Fiji, 
is more than diving. It's a wholly different approach to the environment, bringing to life the bond between ocean, land and culture. Jean-Michel Cousteau has been diving for over half a century. In that time he has explored the underwater world from Alaska to Cape Horn, and from Australia to Madagascar, gaining an unparalleled insight into the sea's mysteries, and leading a global movement for its protection. Come visit where Jean-Michel Cousteau has based his dive operations.

Jean-Michel Cousteau Diving Caribbean helps divers and other guests learn to understand and live up to their responsibility as Ambassadors of the Environment. - Jean-Michel Cousteau

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About the Staff

Hand-picked by Jean-Michel Cousteau, our staff and dive team are the absolute best. We think part of a great Fiji Island diving experience is the adventure of the unknown. Thus, our guests are welcome to join our exploration and help us name new dive sites! We also drift dive in some areas never previously dived.

We have 4 full time instructors who can certify all PADI levels, 5 full time Divemasters who guide every dive, 1 biologist who is present on most dives and 3 boat captains.

Come on by the Jean-Michel Cousteau Diving Dive Center - its the best place to hear what's going on under the waves in Fiji, from shark sightings to pygmy seahorse findings!


Our Boats

Jean-Michel Cousteau Diving offers three high speed boats, each accommodating 12 divers. Marama Ni Wasa ('Lady of the Sea' in Fijian), Ika Tagane ('Manfish' in Fijian) and Maka Leka ('No Problem' in Fijian) can easily access world class diving. We boast the fastest ride to Namena at 45 minutes verses 2.5 hours aboard other vessels.