Dive with the best.

Hand-picked by Jean-Michel Cousteau, our staff and dive team are the absolute best. We think part of a great Fijian diving experience is the adventure of the unknown. Thus, our guests are welcome to join our exploration and help us name new dive sites! We also drift dive in some areas never previously dived.

We have full time instructors who can certify all PADI levels, and full time Divemasters or Instructors who guide every dive.

Come on by the Jean-Michel Cousteau Diving Dive Center - it's the best place to hear what's going on under the waves in Fiji, from shark sightings to macro critter findings!

Andy2Andy Frazer
Dive Shop Manager

Andy is a Padi Dive Instructor and comes from Newcastle in NSW Australia.  He’s an outdoors kind of guy and enjoys all things to do with the ocean.  Growing up on the coast of NSW Andy was able to pursue his favourite sports, swimming, surfing, wakeboarding and free diving.

Andy started off his working life in his late teens in hospitality and technical event production on Hayman Island off the coast of North Queensland.  Being surrounded by coral reefs, every moment he could he and his friends would explore the pristine waters of the Whitsundays and Great Barrier Reef.

Andy has travelled extensively all over the world. With camera in hand, he has experienced many different cultures, environments and landscapes but has wholeheartedly fallen in love with the people and natural beauty of Fiji.

With his many years in events and hospitality, he brings all his passion for the ocean and a real want and desire to pass on his experiences to people from all over the world. He believes he’s landed the dream job.  Andy’s enthusiasm for diving is infectious.